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Participants in the One Health Poultry Hub Final Meeting, New Delhi, February 2024

Abstracts for all the posters can be found in the Abstracts Handbook. In this, the abstracts are numbered to correlate with the poster numbers found below.


PT – plenary talk
TT – turbo talk
RT – regular talk
IT – intro talk
P – physical poster

  1. One Health for tackling real-world complex challenges Dirk Pfeiffer (PT)
  2. Programme 1: People, poultry & production Guillaume Fournié (TT)
  3. Gender in preventing and controlling infectious diseases in chicken production and distribution networks in North Vietnam Nguyen Thi Dien, Pham Thi Thu Ha, Nguyen Thi Minh Khue, Ayako Ebata (RT)
  4. The impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent economic crisis on the poultry development and distribution networks in Western and North Western provinces in Sri Lanka De Zoysa M.I.L., Silva-Fletcher A., Kalupahana R.S., Jayasekara N.K., Herath H.M.A.S., Munasinghe D.M.S. (TT)
  5. Gender dimensions in the backyard poultry sector in Sri Lanka A.M.K.P. Abeykoon, H.D. Wickramapathirana, W.M.C. Kamal, H.M.D.N. Navarathne, Poornika Seelagama, Ruwani Kalupahana (TT)
  6. Food safety threats of poultry products: linking production to consumption in India Lavinia Scudiero, Mehroosh Tak (TT)
  7. Global capital and Big Poultry in South Asia Mehroosh Tak, Mat Hennessey, Ambarish Karamchedu and Ivo Syndicus (TT)
  8. Value extraction dynamics and zoonotic disease risks: Roles, practices, and relations along poultry production and distribution networks in Bangladesh Ivo Syndicus, Eve Houghton, Nusrat Irin, Abdullah Al Sattar, Afsana Sultana, Shariar Saif,, Meherjan Islam, Easrat Jahan Esha, Syeda Munira Dilshad, Fatema Jannat, Mahmudul Hasan, Md Helal Uddin, Jinnat Ferdous, Mahabub Alam, Md Abdus Samad, Joerg Henning, Pablo Alarcon, Guillaume Fournié,, Rashed Mahmud, Md Ahasanul Hoque, Tony Barnett (RT)
  9. Animal health expenditures and losses in poultry farms in Chattogram, Bangladesh Fatema Jannat, Ivo Syndicus, Mahabub Alam, Rashed Mahmud, Md Ahasanul Hoque, Pablo Alarcon (TT)
  10. Movements of commercial poultry traders and their impact on Avian Influenza Virus transmission in Bangladesh Jinnat Ferdous, Helal Uddin, Justine S. Gibson, Suman Das Gupta, Md Ahasanul Hoque, Fournié Guillaume, Joerg Henning (TT)
  11. A mobility study among Chennai-based traders to understand the spatial data of procurement and delivery of broiler chickens from farm to market Vigneshvaran Paramasivam, Ganesh Janarthanan, Ivo Syndicus, Kumaravel Pappaiyan, Joerg Henning, Guillaume Fournié, B Samuel Massilomony Ronald (TT)
  12. Predictive gravity models of live poultry trade networks in Bangladesh Dupas M.C., Moyen N., Gilbert M., Fournié G.
  13. Programme 2: Host-pathogen dynamics Damer Blake (TT)
  14. Overview of biological field studies in farms and markets in Bangladesh Paritosh Kumar Biswas, Mahmudul Hasan, Pangkaj Kumar Dhar, Chandan Nath, Saira Butt, Lorcan Carnegie, Anne Conan, Md. Helal Uddin, Rashed Mahmud, Mohammed Abdus Samad, Md. Giasuddin, Md. Ahasanul Hoque, Damer Blake, Guillaume Fournié, Fiona Tomley (RT)
  15. Prevalence of avian influenza A(H5) and A(H9) viruses in broiler endpoints and farms in northern Việt Nam Mathew Hennessey, Thuy Hoang Thi, Anne Conan, Younjung Kim, Hoa Thi Thanh Pham, Pham Thi Ngoc, Bui Nghia Vuong, Ashley Banyard, Ian H. Brown, Tom Lewis, Joe James, Josh Lynton-Jenkins, Nicola Lewis, Damer Blake, Fiona Tomley, Lorraine Chapot, Guillaume Fournié (TT)
  16. The genetic and antigenic diversities of H9N2 avian influenza viruses infecting poultry in Bangladesh Rebecca Daines , Toby Carter, Jean-Remy Sadeyen, Fiona Tomley, Munir Iqbal, Bangladesh team of One Health Poultry Hub Consortium. (TT)
  17. Transmission dynamics of H9N2 avian influenza virus in a live-bird market in Chattogram, Bangladesh Francesco Pinotti, Lisa Kohnle, José Lourenço, Sunetra Gupta, Md. Ahasanul Hoque, Rashed Mahmud, Paritosh Biswas, Dirk Pfeiffer, Guillaume Fournié (TT)
  18. Drivers of avian influenza virus movement within a city: preliminary insights from Dhaka, Bangladesh Jayna Raghwani, Marie-Cécile Dupas, Francesco Pinotti, Guillaume Fournié, APHA*, One Health Poultry Hub (TT)
  19. Prevalence of antimicrobial residues in broiler meat in Vietnam, Bangladesh and India Pelligand L., Seow K., Butt S., Thuy H.T., Huong L.Q., Son D.T., Ngoc P.T., Hoa P.T.T., Conan A., Golaviya A., Paleja H., Koringa P., Hasan M., Samad M.A., Roy R.K., Uddin M.H., Dhar P., Mahmud R., Islam S.K.M.A., Biswas P.K., Hoque M.A., Cheah Y.C., Zhang P., Wang Y., Blake D., Hurtaud-Pessel D., Conway P., Fournié G., Tomley F. (RT)
  20. Study on trend of antibiotic resistance of indicator bacteria coli during production cycle In Vietnam’s chicken farms Truong Thi Quy Duong, Tran Thi Nhat, Truong Thi Huong Giang, Vu Thi Kim Hue, Dang Thi Thanh Son*, and the GCRF One Health Poultry Hub team (TT)
  21. Campylobacter isolated from LMIC poultry production networks show reginal links to antimicrobial resistance and novel C. coli clusters Burhan Lehri, Richard Stabler (RT)
  22. Diarrheal disease in children in a rural Indian setting – incidence, causes and attributable risks from poultry using a One Health approach Reshma Raju, Rohan Michael Ramesh, Selvakumar Prasad, Zayina Zondervenni Manoharan, Gowthaman Vasudevan, Alagesan Alagersamy, Balakrishnan A, Rajeshkumar Rajendiran, Dhanalakshmi Solaimalai, Guillaume Fournié, Fiona Tomley, Balaji Veeraraghavan, Sitara Swarna Rao Ajjampur (TT)
  23. Insights into comprehensive antimicrobial resistance pattern of poultry caeca in Gujarat, India Khushbu Rana, Ankit Hinsu, Akash Golaviya, Ketankumar Panchal, Bhoomika Joshi, Subhas Jakhesara, Haidaruliman Paleja, Damer Blake, Fiona Tomley, Prakash Koringa (TT)
  24. Microbiome diversity and antibiotic resistance gene distribution in poultry and vegetable shop workers: Tales from Gujarat and Tamil Nadu Chavan Monica, Sadik Dantroliya, Rameshchandra Pandit, Chaitanya Joshi, Sitara Ajjampur, Madhvi Joshi, Damer Blake, Fiona Tomley (TT)
  25. Genetic characterisation of indigenous chicken ecotypes from India and Bangladesh Ankit Hinsu, Prakash Koringa, Md Ahasanul Hoque, Hoa Thi Tham Pham, Anne Conan, One Health Poultry Hub consortium, Guillaume Fournié,, Damer Blake, Fiona Tomley, Androniki Psifidi (TT)
  26. Policy engagement: supporting improved policy design and implementation Robyn Alders (TT)
  27. Animal slaughter, wet markets and food safety in the context of rapid economic transformation: how can Vietnam make animal slaughter safer? Ayako Ebata, Dinh Ton Vu (RT)
  28. Mapping existing animal industry-related policies and developing a poultry policy for Sri Lanka; towards a sustainable and competitive poultry industry Chamari Kannangara , Palika Fernando , Doreen Anene , Robyn Alders and Ruwani Kalupahana (TT)
  29. One Health, multiple impacts: a review of 10 years of One Health work in Bangladesh and the region with a focus on the poultry industry in Bangladesh Esha E.J., Mahmud R., Alders R., Hoque M.A. (TT)
  30. Poultry development policies in Bangladesh: Stakeholders practices, challenges and way forward Syeda Munira Dilshad, Rashed Mahmud, Robyn Alders, Md. Ahasanul Hoque (TT)
  31. Contribution analysis of complex research programmes: the case of the One Health Poultry Hub Giel Ton, Syed Abbas, Gerry Bloom, Keir Mcdonald, Daan Vink, Fiona Tomley (RT)
  32. Programme 4b: Training and evaluation Ayona Silva-Fletcher (TT)
  33. Comparison between biosecurity practices on commercial broiler and layer farms in Gujarat Khushbu Rana, Akash Golaviya, Bhoomika Joshi, Priyal Dakhore, Prakash Koringa, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Fiona Tomley, Haidaruliman Paleja (RT)
  34. Pre-post training evaluation analysis on biosecurity awareness of small-scale backyard poultry farmers in Sri Lanka Ihalage D., Silva- Fletcher A. Satharasinghe S.  and Kalupahana R.S. (TT)
  35. Assessment of farm profiles, knowledge gain and adaptation behaviors of biosecurity practices in small and medium scale commercial poultry farms in Western agro-climatic zones of Tamil Nadu, India Alagarsamy Alagesan, Arumugam Balakrishnan, Vigneshwaran Paramasivam, Ganesh Janarthanam, Vasudevan Gowthaman, Kumaravel Papaiyan, Thippichettipalayam Ramasamy Gopala Krishna Murthy, Ayona Silva Fletcher, Fiona Tomley, Samuel Masilamoni Ronald (TT)
  36. Biosecurity in poultry farms: How to change production behaviors Pham Thi Thanh Hoa, Truong Thi Duong, Nguyen Thi Lien Huong (TT)
  37. Sensitizing molecular researchers towards the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by increasing knowledge and skills through training programs Jakhesara S., Koringa P., Joshi M., Paleja H., Silva-Fletcher A. (TT)
  38. Evaluation of poultry farmers’ knowledge, attitude, and practices regarding production and biosecurity in poultry farming in Bangladesh Meherjan Islam, Easrat Jahan Esha, Syeda Munira Dilshad, Md. Ershadul Haque, Rashed Mahmud, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Md. Ahasanul Hoque (RT)
  39. Qualitative social sciences at the Hub: results and legacy for future research Ivo Syndicus and the One Health Poultry Hub social science teams (IT)
  40. Concurrent study of poultry enterotypes and resistomes may enable the detection of acquired antimicrobial resistance Melanie C. Hay, Ankit Hinsu, Khushbu Rana, Ramesh Pandit, Chaitanya Joshi, Madhvi Joshi, Sophie Hedges, Saira Butt, Haidaruliman Paleja, Burhan Lehri, Dong Xia, Prakash Koringa, Androniki Psifidi, Ludovic Pelligand, Guillaume Fournié, Fiona M. Tomley, Richard Stabler, Patricia Conway, Damer P. Blake and the One Health Poultry Hub Consortium (IT)
  41. Risks of human spillover infections Punam Mangtani (IT)
  42. Poultry farming livelihood strategies and their relevance for zoonotic disease management in Northern Viet Nam Eve Houghton, Nguyen Minh Thi Khue, Tony Barnett, Ivo Syndicus and Nguyen Thi Dien (P)
  43. Business models and dynamics of change among Chennai’s broiler wholesalers: an ethnographic exploration of live bird distribution networks Ivo Syndicus, Vigneshvaran Paramasivam, Ganesh Janarthanan, Eve Houghton, Pallavi Mishra, Kavita Yadav, Vimal Rajkumar, Rajib Dasgupta, Tony Barnett, Kumaravel Papaiyan, Guillaume Fournié (P)
  44. The research mobility Tracking App Joerg Henning (P)
  45. SWOT analysis on the current status of family poultry vaccination program implemented in the western province of Sri Lanka Ananda G.V.T., Sathsarani D.M.Y., Kalupahana R.S., Satharasinghe S., Kalupahana A.W., Alders R. (P)
  46. Spatial distribution of poultry farms using point pattern modelling: a methodology to address livestock environmental impacts and disease transmission risks Dupas M.C., Pinotti F., Joshi C., Joshi M., Vink D., Tomley F., Gilbert M., Fournié G. (P)
  47. Exploring motivations of poultry farmers for antimicrobial use in Bangladesh: A qualitative investigation Abdullah Al Sattar, Ivo Syndicus, Nusrat Irin, Md. Helal Uddin, Shariful Islam, Fatema Jannat, Chandan Nath, Eve Houghton, Guillaume Fournié, Md. Ahasanul Hoque (P)
  48. Selling and management process of sick birds: a qualitative investigation Nusrat Irin,Abdullah Al Sattar, Ivo Syndicus, Anne Conan, Guillaume Fournié, Md. Ahasanul Hoque (P)
  49. Spatial traceable maps and management of live bird transportation along chicken value chains Nguyen Van Dai, Le Thi Thanh Huyen, Pham Thi Thanh Hoa, Han Anh Tuan, Do Van Duc, Dao Thi Binh An, Le Tien Dung, Duong Thi Oanh, Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh, Nguyen The Vinh, Vu Dinh Ngoan, Ta Van Can, Syndycus Ivo, Houghton Eve, Henming Joerg, Fiona Tomley and Guillaume Fournié (P)
  50. H9N2 avian influenza virus: Emergence of immune escape mutant with no haemagglutination activity Thusitha K. Karunarathna, Jean-Remy Sadeyen, Sushant Bhat, Pengxiang Chang, Jiayun Yang, Mehnaz Qureshi, Joshua E. Sealy, Rebecca Daines and Munir Iqbal (P)
  51. Non-typhoidal Salmonella in humans in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka: A systematic review Reshma Raju, Luke O’Neil, Burhan Lehri, Charlotte Kerr, Anne Conan, Jane Falconer, Guillaume Fournié, Nguyen Dong Tu, Sudipta Sarkar, Twinkle Soni, Tran Thi Mai Hung, Fiona Tomley, Damer Blake, Sitara Swarna Rao Ajjampur, Patrick Nguipdop-Djomo, Punam Mangtani, Richard Stabler (P)
  52. A description of the disease-associated morbidity and mortality in semi-intensive chicken farms in Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam Chun Ting Lam, Ying Pei Zhang, Yu Jie Ai, Xin Chen, Guillaume Fournié, Anne Conan (P)
  53. Longitudinal study of antimicrobial residue in broiler meat in Vietnamese and Bangladeshi farms Pelligand L, Seow K., Butt S., Thuy H.T., Huong L.Q., Son D.T., Ngoc P.T., Hoa P.T.T., Conan A., Hasan M., Samad M.A., Roy R.K., Uddin M.H., Dhar P., Mahmud R., Islam S.K.M.A., Biswas P.K., Hoque M.A., Cheah Y.C., Zhang P., Wang Y., Blake D., Hurtaud-Pessel D., Conway P., Fournié G., Tomley F. (P)
  54. Genotypic characterization of antimicrobial resistance in non-typhoidal Salmonella poultry isolates using multilocus sequence typing Harith Rosh, Elamurugan Appavoo, Kumar K.S., Ronald B.S.M., Jobin John Jacob, Kirubaharan J.J., Tirumurugaan K.G., Balaji Veeraghavan, Vidhya Mahalingam (P)
  55. Occurrence and antimicrobial resistance in zoonotic food-borne bacterial pathogens isolated from broiler farms and live bird shops in Tamil Nadu, India Arumugam Balakrishnan, M. Anandhachitra, B.S.M. Ronald, Alagarsamy Alagesan,, Vasudevan Gowthaman,  T.R. Gopala Krishna Murthy, Saravanan Gunaseelan, Damer Blake, Fiona Tomley (P)
  56. Genomic profiling of antimicrobial resistance in poultry litter bacterial community Animesh Tripathi , Anjali Jaiswal, Dinesh Kumar, Madhvi Joshi, Chaitanya G Joshi , Damer Blake, Fiona Tomley,  and Suresh Kumar Dubey (P)
  57. Endophytic bacterial community reveals antimicrobial resistance in response to poultry-manure application Animesh Tripathi, Anjali Jaiswal Dinesh Kumar, Priyank Chavda, Ramesh Pandit, Madhvi Joshi, Damer P. Blake, Fiona M. Tomley, Chaitanya G. Joshi, Suresh Kumar Dubey (P)
  58. The prevalence of poultry-related foodborne pathogens along the farm-to-fork continuum in the poultry industry in Sri Lanka Gayani weerasooriya, M.A.R. Priyantha Damer Blake, Guillaume Fournié, Nilukshi Liyanagunawardena, P.S. Fernando, P.S. de Alwis, Sadun Bandara, K.R.P.S.Premarathne, H.M. Madushi Thilakshika, P.A. Udeshika Sewwandi, Hemal Rasanjana Peiris, Ruwani Kalupahana (P)
  59. Prevalence of zoonotic food-borne pathogens across commercial broiler farms and live bird shops in South India Vasudevan Gowthaman, Murugesan Ananda Chitra, B.S.M. Ronald, , Alagarsamy Alagesan, Arumugam Balakrishnan Muthusamy Raman, Vijayasanthi, Ramalingam, T.R. Gopala Krishna Murthy, Damer Blake, Guillaume Fournié, Fiona Tomley (P)
  60. Colonization of zoonotic bacterial pathogens and associated resistance in village chickens in Sri Lanka Kavindya Gaveshani, Udeshika Sewwandi, Madushi Thilakshika, Roshan Abayawansa, Sanda Kottawatta, Ruwani Kalupahana (P)
  61. Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in live poultry market workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2022 Mahbubur Rahman, Ahmed Nawsher Alam, Sudipta Sarkar, Manjur Hossain Khan Punam Mangtani, Saira Butt, Anne Conan, Damer Blake, Fiona Tomley, Guillaume Fournié, Tahmina Shirin, Patrick Nguipdop-Djomo on behalf of the One Health Poultry Hub team (P)
  62. The use of nanopore sequencing to identify plasmid-borne and chromosomally integrated antimicrobial genes from chicken microbiomes in Gujarat Melanie C. Hay, Ankit Hinsu, Haidaruliman Paleja, Chaitanya Joshi, Madhvi Joshi, Burhan Lehri, Dong Xia, Fiona M. Tomley, Richard Stabler, Patricia Conway, Prakash Koringa, Damer P. Blake and the One Health Poultry Hub Consortium (P)
  63. Exploring an establishment chronicles of microbial community and antimicrobial resistance genes in broilers through high-throughput sequencing Prakash G. Koringa, Ketankumar J. Panchal, Ankit T. Hinsu, Akash V. Golaviya, Haidaruliman Paleja, Rais M. Rajpura, Rafyuddin. A. Mathakiya, Subhash J. Jakhesara, Damer Blake, Fiona Tomley (P)
  64. Investigating the presence of stalk directed avian influenza antibodies in highly exposed occupational workers in live bird markets in Bangladesh Rebecca Daines, Patrick Nguipdop-Djomo, Mahbubur Rahman, Sudipta Sarkar, Ahmed Nawsher Alam, Tahmina Shirin, Saira Butt, Anne Conan, Guillaume Fournié, Munir Iqbal, Punam Mangtani, on behalf of the One Health Poultry Hub consortium (P)
  65. Mapping antigenic diversity to investigate putative antigenic residues of H5 avian influenza viruses Rebecca Daines , Jean-Remy Sadeyen, Pengxiang Chang, Nicola Lewis, Munir Iqbal (P)
  66. Campylobacter and Non-typhoidal Salmonella infection among chicken shop workers in Tamil Nadu, India Rohan Michael Ramesh, Reshma Raju, Venkateshprabhu Janakaraj, Selvakumar Prasad, Zayina Zondervenni Manoharan, Rajeshkumar, Gowthaman Vasudevan, Alagesan Alagersamy, Dhanalakshmi Solaimalai, Balaji Veeraraghavan, Sitara Swarna Rao Ajjampur (P)
  67. Estimating the prevalence of avian influenza in chickens in Bangladesh Pangkaj Kumar Dhar, Mahmudul Hasan, Saira Butt, Anne Conan, Md. Helal Uddin, Rashed Mahmud, Mohammed Abdus Samad, Md. Ahasanul Hoque, Paritosh Kumar Biswas, Damer Blake, Guillaume Fournié, Fiona Tomley (P)
  68. Conjugation mediated transfer of extended spectrum of β-lactamases resistance among poultry enterobacteriaceae isolated from health native chicken Indrajith Saravanan, Harith Rosh, S.M.Ronald, Vidhya Mahalingam, Muthukrishnan Madhanmohan, Manimaran K., John Kirubaharan J., Elamurugan Appavoo (P)
  69. Virulence profiling to differentiate avian pathogenic and avian fecal Escherichia coli in poultry Sumathra Mani, Elamurugan Appavoo,, S.M. Ronald, Vijayarani K., Srithar A. (P)
  70. Quantifying the use of antimicrobials across the poultry production system in South and Southeast Asia Sophie Hedges, Guillaume Fournié, Damer Blake, José Lourenço,, Ludovic Pelligand (P)
  71. Air sample contamination with avian influenza (A/H5N1 and A/H9N2) in live poultry markets in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and its association with market and stall-level characteristics: an ecological analysis S. Sarkar, P. Nguipdop-Djomo, I. Muntasir, L. Carnegie, S. Butt, A. Conan, A. Nawsher, T. Shirin, M. Hasan, A. Samad, G. Fournié, M. Rahman, P. Mangtani (P)
  72. Prevalence of Campylobacter and non-typhoidal Salmonella in chicken in Bangladesh Mahmudul Hasan, Keya Ghosh, Tahia Ahmed Logno, Pangkaj Kumar Dhar, Saira Butt, Anne Conan, Md. Helal Uddin, Rashed Mahmud, Mohammed Abdus Samad, Md. Ahasanul Hoque, Damer Blake, Guillaume Fournié, Paritosh Kumar Biswas, Fiona Tomley (P)
  73. Spatial and temporal distribution patterns of avian influenza in live bird markets near migratory and non-migratory birds population in Bangladesh Hasnine I., Uddin M.H., Dhar PK, Logno T.A., Ghosh K., Mahmud R., Chakraborty P. , Biswas P.K., Chakraborty P., Carnegie L., Fournié G., Hoque M.A. (P)
  74. A longitudinal epidemiological investigation on poultry pathogens and farm biosecurity standard in  and Sonali chicken production in Chattogram, Bangladesh Saima Akter, Shariful Islam, Md. Helal Uddin, Chandan Nath,Pangkaj KumarDhar, Tahia Ahmed, Keya Ghosh, Rashed Mahmud, Guillaume Fournié, Paritosh Kumar, Anne Conanand Md. Ahasanul Hoque (P)
  75. Investigation of risk factor for avian influenza virus contamination of live bird markets in Chattogram, Bangladesh Helal Uddin, Anne Conan, Saira Butt, Pangkaj Kumar Dhar, Mahmudul Hasan, Angus Lam, Jinnat Ferdous, Rashed Mahmud, Paritosh Kumar Biswas, Guillaume Fournié,, Md. Ahasanul Hoque (P)
  76. Understanding prevalence of key food borne pathogens in selected poultry distribution networks from Gujarat-India Sadik Dantroliya, Monica Chavan, Satyamitra Shekh, Chaitanya Joshi, Madhvi Joshi, Damer Blake, Fiona Tomley (P)
  77. Antimicrobial use patterns in broiler & sonali poultry production in Chattogram, Bangladesh Shariful Islam, Saima Akter, Fatema Jannat, Md. Helal Uddin, Pangkaj Kumar Dhar, Tahia Ahmed, Keya Ghosh, Rashed Mahmud, Guillaume Fournié, Paritosh Kumar, Pankaj Chakraborty and Md. Ahasanul Hoque (P)
  78. Opening the black-box of multisector partnerships: A theory of action for implementing One Health at country level Syed Shahid Abbas, Gerry Bloom, Lewis Husain (P)
  79. Exploring export potential: Can Sri Lanka export chicken and related products Dilan Satharasinghe, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Kaundika Wanigasundara, Dananjaya Karunarathne, Eranda Abeywickrama, Nalin de Silva and Ruwani Kalupahana (P)
  80. Mind the gap: An assessment of scope for collaboration between public and private veterinary services for effective disease management in Bangladesh’s poultry sector Meherjan Islam, Eve Houghton, Ivo Syndicus, Robyn Alders, Rashed Mahmud, Md. Ahasanul Hoque (P)
  81. Capacity enhancement on biosecurity in poultry farming for line supervisors in contractual commercial broiler farming across Gujarat Binal Prajapati, Akash Golaviya, Khushbu Rana, Prakash Koringa, Fiona Tomley, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Haidaruliman Paleja (P)
  82. Community involved biosecurity model: A new approach to reduce infectious diseases including avian influenza in small-scale poultry farming Giasuddin, Mahmudul Hasan (P)
  83. Flock fortress: Bio-security practices by backyard poultry keepers Shivangi Patel, Akash Golaviya, Khushbu Rana, Bhoomika Joshi, Prakash Koringa, Fiona Tomley, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Haidaruliman Paleja (P)
  84. Investigating biosecurity protocols in commercial broiler poultry farms in Gujarat Bhoomika Joshi, Khushbu Rana, Akash Golaviya, Prakash Koringa, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Fiona Tomley, Haidaruliman Paleja (P)
  85. Effectiveness of on-site training on good management practices for poultry transporters in hygienic handling and transport of poultry Kumaravel P., Ganesh J., Vigneshvaran P. Senthilkumar G., Vimal Rajkumar N., B. Samuel Masilamoni Ronald (P)
  86. Impact assessment of poultry farmer’s training regarding poultry rearing and farm biosecurity measures in Bangladesh Meherjan Islam, Rashed Mahmud, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Md. Ahasanul Hoque (P)
  87. Examining the influence of training on biosecurity: A comparative analysis of biosecurity scoring between commercial layer and broiler farms in Gujarat, India Akash Golaviya, Khushbu Rana, Bhoomika Joshi, Prakash Koringa, Fiona Tomley, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Haidaruliman Paleja (P)
  88. Training on food safety and hygienic meat practices as a tool for empowering poultry meat handling butchers in Chennai Ganesh Janarthanan, Vigneshvaran Paramasivam, Kumaravel Papaiyan, Azhahianambi Palavesam and Aravind Babu Ramasamy Parthiban (P)
  89. Biosecurity approaches in commercial layer poultry farming: A Gujarat perspective Priyal Dakhore, Bhoomika Joshi, Khushbu Rana, Akash Golaviya, Prakash Koringa, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Fiona Tomley, Haidaruliman Paleja (P)