Governance of our Hub has been developed in line with our broader values to include a broad representation of Hub members with a good balance across gender, career stage and discipline.

It is organised as illustrated below:

Hub management and governance

GCRF One Health Poultry Hub governance structure

The leadership team

We have strong project leadership and management teams in each study country, headed by a National Coordinator. These teams are accountable for the national delivery and management of Hub activities and they contribute to overall strategic planning through the governance structure.

This disseminated project management organisation is complemented with a programme management team in the UK that is accountable for delivery of work carried out by UK and non-DAC partners. The UK project management organisation also has responsibility to ensure that activities across and between all partners are well coordinated and comply with all Hub and funder requirements.


Hub management organogram
GCRF One Health Poultry Hub management structure


Hub Committees

Five committees report to the Hub’s Executive Board. Committee membership includes representation across countries, disciplines and gender. Participation of early-career researchers is particularly encouraged.

The five committees are:

See our Advisory Board

See our Executive board