Some of our principles and standards are laid out in internal policy documents or in guidance from our funder. Others are based upon softer values such as trust, respect and open communication – and we expect that these will further develop as our research process moves forward.

Research integrity

We aim to undertake first-class research conducted to the highest possible ethical standards. We strive to ensure excellence in the application of our research methods and procedures so that other researchers, research participants, research users and the wider community can have the fullest confidence in the rigour of our findings.

Likewise, the use to which we put our findings and the manner in which we communicate them will be both honest and transparent.

Equitable partnerships

We believe that excellent research demands strong and sustainable links between all partners and that this is only possible with partnerships based upon the equity principle.

This demands honesty and trust between partners to further mutual understanding, and at times recognition and allowance for structural inequalities and different national, institutional and individual cultures and strengths.

Strength in collaboration

We believe our partnership model is further strengthened and our chances of promoting impact and sustainability are maximised by working in collaboration with others. We welcome close associations (both contractual and non-contractual) with individuals and bodies when their goals align with ours.

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities

We are committed to a Hub that is fully inclusive and does not discriminate on the basis of an individual’s sex, ethnicity, age, disability, religious or cultural beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity. We do not accept bullying or harassment of any kind.


We are committed to safeguarding research participants, young and vulnerable people in the communities we work in, research staff and volunteers from all forms of exploitation, violence, abuse, harassment and harm including sexual exploitation, psychological abuse and physical harm arising from association with the project or staff. We operate on the principle of ‘do no harm’


We are committed to regular reporting of our activities and the highest levels of transparency to ensure accountability to our funder and others.

Intellectual property

To demonstrate the impact on society of our research, we are committed to sharing, communicating and encouraging uptake of the Hub’s outputs to the greatest extent possible. Depending on the nature of the work, this may be through a variety of channels including open access publications, freely accessible courses, extension and outreach materials, licensing of work under Creative Commons licences and so on.

At the same time, the Intellectual Property (IP) rights over certain other outputs (commercial or other) of our partner organisations and stakeholders will be retained, in the form of patents, copyrights and other appropriate legal instruments. This will allow their interests to be protected and enable these outputs to be developed, brought to market and made available to the public.

Work with us

We welcome collaboration with other research organisations and projects as well as with the private sector, industry bodies, regulators, development organisations and others.