Communicating our findings

Guillaume Fournier presenting at a conference
Research Coordinator Guillaume FourniƩ

Our interdisciplinary research on poultry-related pathogen risks will result in findings, analyses, insights, models and more which will be communicated via a range of publications and other outputs contributing to the global debate on One Health.

These will include traditional academic papers and book chapters, website updates, blogs and newsletters. In particular, we will produce targeted publications, such as policy briefs and technical reports, intended to feed into the decision-making processes of policymakers or inform the practices and behaviours of people working in poultry production.

Hub researchers will also participate in international multi-stakeholder meetings hosted by the Hub as well as One Health conferences, and we will contribute to social media conversations on relevant areas.

Working with stakeholders

Emerging insights from our discussions with stakeholders have been designed to lead to better-informed and more collaborative working, improved behaviours in the poultry supply chains, better policies in the poultry sector and increased innovation.

These discussions will involve taking in the perspectives of private sector organisations, governmental institutions, consumers and others, and the Hub will monitor whether and how our research activities contribute to these wider dynamics and processes.

In addition, in each case country we are constituting and working closely with a National Advisory Group (NAG), comprising key, high-level stakeholders representing multilateral organisations, such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), private sector operators, civil society and national policymakers. These NAGs will receive regular updates on research and stakeholder engagement activities, including at national-level stakeholder workshops, and be critical pathways for impact.

The Hub will also convene high-level policy fora at national and regional levels.

Partnerships and networking

A third component, resulting from the partnership between UK and Asian researchers, will strengthen the role of research institutes, both in their research capacities and their role in innovation processes around poultry intensification and public health. Joint meetings will discuss the emerging findings and capacity building, and an e-learning platform will facilitate co-learning.

capacity building

Our aim is to develop a diverse range of capabilities that empower our partners and others.