Matthew Bayliss

Matthew Baylis

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: Oxenhale Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology, University of Liverpool

Madeleine Clark

Madeleine Clark

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: Senior Portfolio Manager, Animal Health and One Health at BBSRC

Prof Meerjady Flora

Meerjady Flora


Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research

Helen Lambert

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: Chair of Medical Anthropology, University of Bristol

Andy Large

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: Chair of River Science & Director, GCRF Living Deltas Hub, University of Newcastle

Hung Nguyen

Hung Nguyen-Viet

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: Co-Leader, Animal and Human Health Program, ILRI, Kenya

Keith Sumption

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: Chief Veterinary Officer/Leader Animal Health Programme, FAO

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