The One Health Poultry Hub has launched a major, participatory online initiative. The Roadmap Series: Discussions for the Future of Poultry, People and Planet will identify and tackle key issues underpinning sustainable development from the perspective of one of the world’s most important contributors to food security – the poultry industry. 

The Roadmap Series will develop a One Health roadmap through exchanges between high-level, expert panellists in fortnightly online events, as well as audience engagement before, during and after the events.

The series will aim to identify practical and equitable approaches to health security, food security and food systems that incorporate justice in human, animal, and environmental health, and contribute to the United Nations’ call to ‘Build Back Better’ after COVID-19.

Events in the Roadmap Series will be open to all for registration (on a first-come-first-served basis). Events will be recorded and the videos made available on the Hub’s website. People will also be able to contribute to the Discussions via the Slack app.

Discussions from the series, together with external contributions, will inform a set of briefing papers that review, analyse and propose strategic steps to achieve related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The resulting material will also be made available from the website.

In countries where the One Health Poultry Hub is active, the material will contribute to ongoing country and regional level discussions and policy actions.

Roadmap Series Coordinator and global health security expert Professor Robyn Alders, a Senior Consulting Fellow with the Chatham House Global Health programme, said:

In many ways, the development of the poultry industry paralleled human development in the 20th century, both the good and the bad.  We urgently need to find out what changes are required to the poultry industry, and to people’s ways of being more broadly, to bring our planet back to health in the 21st century.


This series aims to explore these questions and we will weave together diverse One Health threads to identify practical and equitable approaches to health security, food security and food systems, and justice in human, animal, and environmental health.

The first discussions in the Roadmap Series are:

Keep an eye on our website and social media for details of further dates and speakers.

Scheme of the Roadmap series of discussions
Scheme for the One Health Poultry Hub Roadmap Series

Download our Roadmap Series schema