Professor Fiona Tomley presented the work of the Hub in her keynote talk to a Newton Fund Swine and Poultry Research Initiative workshop held earlier this week.

The Interim Project Workshop of the Biotechnology and Bioscience Research Council (BBSRC) Newton Fund Swine and Poultry Research Initiative, held in the UK, was attended by funders and scientists from the 11 research projects funded in this Initiative, representing a broad range of topics in animal health, and food production, and coming from the UK, China, the Philippines and Thailand.

The projects, which have been underway for almost two years, are investigating interventions for production systems in East Asia, part of the global effort to address the pressing challenge of ensuring sufficient protein for growing populations over the coming decades. The workshop provided the opportunity for project partners to network with other researchers tackling these challenges, the aim being to work towards more holistic and collaborative approaches to swine and poultry health.

Fiona Tomley’s address gave a broad introduction to the Hub, outlining the Hub’s vision, interdisciplinary nature, programmes and values.

Fiona said:

“We look forward to continuing this conversation with partners in the Swine and Poultry Research Initiative, and others working on these issues”.