The campaign was led by Dr Kumaravel Papaiyan, Principal Investigator of the One Health Poultry Hub in Tamil Nadu, and social science researchers Dr Ganesh Janarthanan and Vigneshvaran Paramasivam.

Handing out food safety pamphlets in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Pamphlets were distributed to the public and chicken consumers in front of a chicken shop and chicken shop retailers were addressed about the importance of food safety.

“Food safety is essential for public health. World Food Safety Day is a day that promotes safe food practices to protect public health and prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses, as well as increases consumer awareness of food safety issues,” said Dr Janarthanan.

“Individuals are encouraged to become more informed and vigilant about the quality and safety of their food. Consumers can make better choices, handle food safely and demand accountability from food producers and suppliers through education and awareness campaigns.”

India’s poultry industry is currently undergoing rapid intensification. While the increased production of chicken meat and eggs can bring economic and nutrition benefits to a country whose population is growing fast, intensification of poultry production can also bring with it public health risks, including widespread bacterial food poisoning.