This event featured  panellists Dr Bharati Kulkarni of the National Institute of Nutrition, India, and Dr Johanna Wong, researcher with Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions for livestock (SEBI), at University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. It was moderated by Professor Fiona Tomley of the Royal Veterinary College and Director of the One Health Poultry Hub, and took place on 26 May 2021.

Watch the recording here:

panellists' key messages
  • Poultry and other animal source foods provide important nutrients and improve child growth and development.
  • Animal protein intake helps maintain muscle mass in adults but consumption should be in moderation.
  • Despite increased production, animal source food consumption is still very low in vulnerable groups in many LMICs. Social protection programmes should prioritise poultry food due to nutritional and other benefits.
  • The trend towards intensification and commercialisation of poultry production is likely to continue as demand for animal-source foods continues to rise.
  • Different poultry production systems have different benefits and trade-offs.
  • A One Health approach to generate, synthesise and publicise comprehensive data and evidence is required for consumers, poultry producers, and policy makers of the future to understand and balance the benefits and trade-offs.