Exploring power toward sustainable aquaculture value chains in Vietnam

Collaboration type Research project

Aim This project will research socio-political, economic and historical power relationships that influence the livelihoods of vulnerable people in aquaculture value chains in Vietnam as well as the factors that affect the sustainability of aquaculture in Vietnam, including poverty, antimicrobial use and waste management. It will deliver evidence that will help identify how to improve the social and ecological sustainability of these value chains.

Problem addressed Fish and seafood consumption in Vietnam has increased threefold in the past 30 years as a result of rapid economic development. This has had important and positive implications for livelihoods and job opportunities, but has also raised concerns about poor working conditions and environmental degradation.

Focus country Vietnam

Project duration Two years

Funder British Academy

Partners Institute of Development Studies, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, and Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Principal investigators Dr Ayako Ebata

GCRF One Health Poultry Hub This collaboration was facilitated by One Health Poultry Hub networking.

Further information [email protected]