Antibiotic stewardship in agricultural communities in Africa, Asia and South America – A unified One Health strategy to optimise antibiotic use in animals and humans (AgriAMR)

Collaboration type A GCRF Challenge Cluster research project bringing together six existing AMR research projects.

Aim To aggregate knowledge about antimicrobial stewardship generated in previous GCRF projects, focusing on antibiotics bought from drug shops and informal providers in rural areas where there is limited access to healthcare.

Problem addressed Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health. Resistance threatens livelihoods due to farmers’ reliance on antimicrobials in livestock production to meet growing demand.

Focus countries Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda.

Project duration June 2020 to May 2021.

Funder GCRF as part of the UKRI collective fund.

Partners The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is the lead organisation. The constituent projects are: GCRF One Health Poultry Hub, A multi-stakeholder approach to operationalising antibiotic stewardship in India’s pluralistic rural health system, Understanding health system linkages: Formative research to develop strategies to support quality improvement in treatment in the private sector, Supporting the National Action Plan for Antimicrobial resistance (SNAP-AMR) in Tanzania, Developing innovative approaches to improve treatment provision for childhood infection in peri-urban settings: A pilot study in accredited drug shops, Social behavioural and economic drivers of inappropriate antibiotic use by informal private health care providers in rural India , Monitoring antibiotic stewardship in livestock and poultry production systems in Colombia, and How do policymaker perceptions of antimicrobial resistance drive behaviour and policies for appropriate antimicrobial use? A case study of Pakistan.

Principal Investigators Professor Sian Clarke, LSHTM, and Dr Meenakshi Gautham, LSHTM.

GCRF One Health Poultry Hub involvement: Hub Director Professor Fiona Tomley and members Dr Ana Luisa Pereira Mateus and Dr Pablo Alarcon Lopez are co-investigators.

Further information Visit the UKRI project web page, or email Sonia Rego.