CE4AMR: The One Health Approach

Collaboration type A GCRF Challenge Cluster bringing together six research projects based across the Global South.

Aim  To synthesise learning across these projects and develop innovative research proposals which place community engagement methods at the forefront of AMR research across human, animal and environmental contexts (a One Health approach).

Problem addressed AMR is considered a One Health challenge and requires cross-sector collaboration to tackle. Although India has a National Action Plan for AMR with a focus on hospital infections and regulatory frameworks, there is less activity at community and grassroots level, including in the agricultural sector.

Focus country India

Funder  GCRF as part of the UKRI collective fund.

Partners The six constituent projects are: GCRF One Health Poultry Hub, CARAN,  Community Dialogues, Dust Bunny, Supporting Evidence-Based Policy: a longitudinal study of antimicrobial resistance risk behaviours among livestock keeping communities in India and Kenya and OUCRU Clinical Research Unit in Hanoi, Community antimicrobial use.

Principal Investigator Dr Rebecca King, Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development

GCRF Poultry Poultry Hub involvement Hub Director Professor Fiona Tomley and member Professor Rajib Dasgupta are co-investigators.

Further information University of Leeds’ project web page. Email Jessica Mitchall.

Key outputs

A Call to Action focuses on how to ‘de-silo’ eight for AMR action. Read the CALL TO ACTION

The Handbook of Community Engagement for Antimicrobial Resistance aims to support academic researchers, practitioners, healthcare professionals, policymakers, education providers or other local, community-based organisations, with the emphasis though is on delivering community engagement for AMR projects withinLMICs.  read THE HANDBOOK