The One Health Poultry Hub invites you to contribute to Roadmap Series event discussions. All contributions will help to inform a set of briefing papers addressing the five Roadmap themes. To contribute:

Slack discussions

In parallel with each Roadmap Series event, we have a dedicated Slack channel for feedback and participation. People can contribute at a time convenient to them – before the event or immediately after it, or even some time afterwards for participants who view the event as a recording. The channels will also be open during events, though as we prefer people focus on the discussions themselves the channels are not intended for in-event chat.

How to use our Slack workspace

  1. Enter the Slack workspace using the button below this list.
  2. If you are not a Slack member already you will be asked to sign in with Google or enter your email address. Follow the instructions offered, including confirming your email address if asked to,  and you will be directed to our Slack workspace.
  3. Once in Slack, find the channel for the discussion you wish to participate in. This will be indicated by a hashtag (#) and the name of the event, e.g. #pandemics-managing-uncertainty
  4. Note: new channels will not be automatically added to your channel list. You need to search for them and add them manually. If the channel for the discussion you are interested in is not listed in your Slack channels, use the search bar. The channel name for an event will be the same as that for the event. Use the cursor to click in the search bar on the channel you are after, e.g. #pandemics-managing-uncertainty.
  5. Enter your contribution!


Please note: as our Slack links are regularly updated it is not advised to bookmark the workspace itself but instead to return to one of the Slack buttons on the One Health Poultry Hub website.

We look forward to and thank you for your contributions to the One Health Poultry Hub Roadmap Series!