The following are key events for the GCRF One Health Poultry Hub. Please email with your calendar submissions.

january 2021

13 Bacterial vaccines: new technologies for human and veterinary use. iHEN webinar (internal).

18-22 Global Forum for Food and Agriculture. External event.

20 Poultry Production: the gender dimension. Roadmap Series discussion.

27-28 5th Asia-Pacific Food Safety International Conference 2021. External event.

February 2021

3 Poultry Production: vaccination challenges. Roadmap Series discussion.

10 Avian influenza vaccines. iHEN seminar (internal).

17 Executive Board meeting. Internal event.

23-25 Systematizing the One Health approach in preparedness and response efforts for infectious disease outbreaks: a virtual workshop. External event.

25 International Veterinary Vaccinology Network, including a Vaccines for Poultry theme, co-led by the One Health Poultry Hub. External event.


3 One Health: Biosecurity governance. Roadmap Series discussion.

8 International Women’s Day – International awareness day.

17 Governance: behaviour and blame. Roadmap Series discussion.

23 External Advisory Board meeting. Internal event.


28 Food systems: climate change and animal-source food. Roadmap Series discussion.


12 Food systems: prioritising people or poultry? Roadmap Series discussion.

18 Executive Board meeting. Internal event.

26 Food systems: the shifting role of poultry in agriculture and diets. Roadmap Series discussion.

June 2021

7 World Food Safety Day. International awareness day.

July 2021
august 2021

8-12 World Poultry Congress. External event

17 Executive Board meeting. Internal event.

September 2021

TBD UN Food Systems Summit. External event.

15-17 Avian Infectious Diseases 2021. External event.

21 External Advisory Board meeting. Internal event.

October 2021

13-15 CFS High-Level Special Event on Global Governance on Food Security and Nutrition. External event.

November 2021

3 International One Health Day. International awareness day.

16 Executive Board meeting. Internal event.

18-24 World Antimicrobial Awareness Week. International awareness day.

December 2021

9 International Veterinary Medicine Day. International awareness day.

May 2022

3-5 International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance. External event.